10 Things you need to know…

1 - The Splantzia Quarter has recently been restored and is considered to be one of the new alternative choices in the Old Town of Chania. It has a multicultural character and is full of colorful contrasts. Its residents include both a strong local and immigrant population. The Splanzia area has not succumbed to the exploitation of mass tourism and thus offers both serenity and safety, day and night.

2 - The bell tower of the church of Saint Nicholas is quite probably the only noise heard in the neighborhood as it chimes on the hours. This church is a rare example of a bell tower and minaret combined in one structure.

3 - On Daskalogiannis Street, a distance of 100 meters from the house, you will be able to find: a bakery, a mini-market, a pharmacy, and a delicatessen for your basic needs. You will also be able to find many interesting and quality restaurants and bars within walking distance.

Some of our favorite spots include:
  • The Well of the Turk – Arabic Cuisine – www.welloftheturk.com
  • Kitchen EPE – Greek Cuisine – Daskalogiannis 25 – tel. 28210 42391
  • Mesogiako – Alternative Cuisine – Chatzimihali Daliani 34 – tel. 28210 57992
  • The Karnagio – Cretan Cuisine – Katehaki Square – tel. 28210 53366
  • 36 Wine Bar – Kallinikou Sapraki 36 – tel. 28210 57590
  • Miden Agan – Wine Cellar and Delicatessen – www.midenaganshop.gr
  • The Key – Cafe Bar – 1821 Square of Splanzia
  • 2 Loux – Café Bar – Sapridonos 8 – tel. 28210 52515

4 - TO SPITI is a three storey structure and as such is full of stairs. For safety reasons the house is probably inappropriate for children under the age of six as well as for those with disabilities.

5 - TO SPITI, as most Venetian structures, has its foundations resting on rocks and boulders from which sea salt rises into the walls of the ground floor.

6 - Whoever stays in the house for longer than three nights, should have the courtesy of watering the flowers on the terrace.

7 - On the ground floor of the house there are two bicycles at your disposal. The city of Chania does not offer riding paths or bicycle lanes. As TO SPITI is located next to the Venetian Port and close to the center of town, you will be able to enjoy many pleasant trips along the coast, walkways and narrow streets of the Old Town.

8 - The House is located in one of the picturesque narrow lanes of the Old town which makes it impossible to reach its door by car. You will be able to come within a 20 -30 meter distance of the house. See Arrivals

9 - A well worth walk in the area is to Koum Kapi by following the coast eastward. This area is a hot spot for local young people. Also, if you are seafood lovers or are interested in a quick dip in the sunny Mediterranean sea, head westward, about 500 meters after the end of the Old Port. Here you will find the beach of Nea Hora. This small trip is also worth doing on bicycle.

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