TO SPITI is a three storey structure. It covers 80 square meters and is 600 years old. It is located in the narrow streets around the historic Square of Saint Nicholas of Splanzia and is a small part of the rich history of the town of Chania.

It was built about 1400 by an affluent Venetian family of merchants. The current structure is only a part of the original estate which was divided into three separate dwellings, a common practice during the Turkish occupation. Traces of its noble past can still be seen in the archways of the interiors, in the living room’s modified fireplace and in the two entrances found on its narrow façade.

The names of the many inhabitants of the residence have been lost through the passage of time, except for one, Mrs. Despina, who lived there from the early 1900’s to about 1980 when she passed away. She lived an impoverished existence and made her living as a laundress.

In 1991, in shambles, the house was purchased by the Tsourounaki family. Immediately the family began an, in depth, reconstruction which lasted almost three years. The original wooden beams were placed on the first floor of the structure and even the original wash basin found a new place within the residence. While workers were involved in its reconstruction, they came across a magnificent Turkish marble engravement as well as a number of vintage advertising posters which now decorate the kitchen area.

After years of serving as the main residence of a family member, the house was turned into a residence offering tourist accommodation.

Designed in a simple yet contemporary style, TO SPITI is both functional and elegant. It offers accommodation for two persons but has the ability to offer room for four.

The house is characterized by its traditional Venetian style and construction. The kitchen is found of the ground floor, the living areas on the first floor while bedroom and bath are located on the second. On the top roof terrace of the residence you will be able to enjoy, over the roofs of the neighboring houses, a magnificent view of the Turkish minaret, the bell tower of Saint Nicholas, the mountains of the “Akrotiri” peninsula and finally the Venetian port.